Advice and training for employment offices, further education colleges and municipal administrations

We support job centres, Federal Employment Agencies, further education colleges and public bodies in Brandenburg in relation to their responsibilities for advising and finding work for people with a migration background.

What we offer:

1. Advice and case conferences to address specific problems and situations arising in your daily work

2. Training on:

  • Intercultural competence and recognising cultural diversity (key principles)
  • Flight and migration (backgrounds and latest developments)
  • Access to the labour market and social welfare (legal principles)
  • Obstacles in the labour market facing people with a migration background, support tools and measures to offset disadvantages
  • Communication and conflict
  • Prejudice and power differences
  • Plain language
  • The qualities and features of migration-sensitive advice
  • Basic intercultural awareness in relation to asylum and flight

3. Facilitating working groups

4. Rolling out the Interculturally Open Job Centres / Interculturally Open Federal Employment Agencies checklist

5. Other types of facilitation for organisational change processes aimed at fostering intercultural openness (situation analysis, goal setting, implementation and evaluation)

We decide on the topics of focus and time frame for events in consultation with interested organisations.
The sub project can work with individual employees, teams and/or managers from your organisation.
IQ Network Brandenburg services are provided free of charge.

We would be happy to visit you for a preliminary, no commitment discussion. Just get in touch.

Diversity in Brandenburg?

Diversity is an issue for public administrations – and not just because of freedom of movement across the EU for EU citizens, the arrival of refugees and the immigration of skilled workers.

It is also important because your customers and employees have different backgrounds in relation to their education, social, cultural or regional origins, gender, migration background, age, religion, sexual orientation, and physical and mental capabilities.

Our sub project on working with diversity and interculturality covers all of these issues.


Interkulturelle Öffnung der Regelinstitutionen

Sheyma Arfawi (Projektleiterin)
Regionale Arbeitsstellen für Bildung, Integration und Demokratie - RAA Brandenburg
Zum Jagenstein 1
14478 Potsdam
Telefon: (0331) 747 80 21
Mobil: 0151 206 879 75
E-Mail: s.arfawi(at)raa-brandenburg(dot)de

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Intercultural Opening of Regulatory Institutions (Interkulturelle Öffnung der Regelinstitutionen)

Patricia Redzewsky (Projektleiterin)
Regionale Arbeitsstellen für Bildung, Integration und Demokratie - RAA Brandenburg
Zum Jagenstein 1
14478 Potsdam
Telefon: (0331) 747 80 14
E-Mail: p.redzewsky(at)raa-brandenburg(dot)de  

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