Training for people employed in migration-related social work

Are you working in migration-related social work or are you a volunteer who supports refugees?

This sub project is aimed at social workers, social education workers and anyone – including volunteers – who supports refugees in reception facilities and decentralised accommodation.

Our aim is to share relevant information on integrating refugees into the labour market to enable you to provide good preliminary advice and signposting to other services. We also aim to strengthen your social and intercultural skills and promote exchange of experience between participants.


What we offer:

As part of the project, two- or three-day training courses are offered to people employed in migration-related social work and volunteers. They will cover the following key topics and areas:

A: Information about the labour market

  • Legal framework
  • Regular and atypical employment
  • Labour market structures
  • Recognition of qualifications
  • Training schemes and skills assessments
  • Support services and relevant labour market stakeholders

B: Intercultural awareness

  • Displacement and migration – reasons, backgrounds, challenges
  • Intercultural competence, communication and conflict resolution
  • The role of culture
  • Awareness of cultural diversity
  • Plain language and intercultural communication skills

C: Reflection and networking

  • Evaluation of learning and skills acquired
  • Examples of best practice
  • Sharing knowledge and experience


Labour Market Training for Multipliers (Fortbildungen zum Arbeitsmarkt für Multiplikatorinnen und Multiplikatoren)

Sabine Hülse (Projektleiterin)
Tel.: 0335 5569 322
E-Mail: sabine.huelse(at)bbw-ostbrandenburg(dot)de

Vitalina Buran
E-Mail: vitalina.buran(at)bbw-ostbrandenburg(dot)de

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Potsdamer Straße 1-2
15234 Frankfurt (Oder)
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