Skilled workers for my company: advice and support

Are you working for a company that needs skilled workers?

The IQ Immigration Information Centres for Skilled Workers are your points of contact for all questions about immigration and the employment of international skilled workers.

We network with key stakeholders in the jobs market. Together we develop individually tailored solutions for recruiting skilled workers and integrating them into the labour market.

What we offer small and medium-sized businesses and associations in Brandenburg:

  • Advice on all issues relating to the employment of international skilled workers: immigration, living in Germany, German in the workplace, funding opportunities
  • Training in intercultural competence, communication and conflict management
  • Organisational development in relation to diversity management and staff induction processes
  • Support for work with the regional aliens registration office, job centres and Federal Employment Agencies through round tables and company meetings

What we offer the Federal Employment Agency’s employer services:

  • Conferences on the Migration Package – Advice and Networking


IQ Immigration Information Centre for Skilled Workers South and East Brandenburg (IQ Informationszentrum für Fachkräfteeinwanderung)

Advice HOTLINE: +49 335 500 88 690

Debora Aust (Projektleitung)
Tel.: (0335) 50088685
Mobil: 0175 226 4572
E-Mail: aust(at)dareconsulting(dot)de

Philipp Riegels (Projektmitarbeiter)
Mobil: 01512 147 1173
E-Mail: riegels(at)dareconsulting(dot)de

Annette Lubasch (Projektmitarbeiterin)
Tel.: (0335) 50088686
E-Mail: lubasch(at)dareconsulting(dot)de  

DAREconsulting GmbH
Buschmühlenweg 3
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)


IQ Immigration Information Centre for Skilled Workers North and West Brandenburg (IQ Informationszentrum für Fachkräfteeinwanderung)

Sonja Stenzel (Projektleitung)
Mobil: 01512 5691388
E-Mail: stenzel(at)ihk-projekt(dot)de

Ulrike Volkmann (Projektmitarbeiterin)
Tel.: 03334 2537-35
Mobil: 0160 6981711
E-Mail: ulrike.volkmann(at)ihk-projekt(dot)de

IHK Projektgesellschaft mbH Ostbrandenburg
Heegermühler Str. 64
16225 Eberswalde

Stephan Ulrich (Projektmitarbeiter)
Mobil: 0151 5533 8024
E-Mail: ulrich(at)ihk-projekt(dot)de

IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH
Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Ostprignitz-Ruppin
Alt Ruppiner Allee 40
16816 Neuruppin

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