Support for international skilled workers: working in Brandenburg

Are you a skilled worker from another country who would like to work in Brandenburg?

What we offer international skilled workers:

  • Advice on all your questions about working in Brandenburg
  • Advice from your very first thoughts about immigrating to the start of your new job in Germany
  • Information on German in the workplace
  • Contacts with potential company employers


IQ Immigration Information Centre for Skilled Workers (IQ Informationszentrum für Fachkräfteeinwanderung)

Advice HOTLINE: +49 335 500 88 690

Debora Aust (Projektleitung)
Tel.: (0335) 50088685
Mobil: 0175 226 4572
E-Mail: aust(at)dareconsulting(dot)de

Markiyan Yanyshevskyy (Projektmitarbeiter)
Mobil: 01512 147 1173
E-Mail: yanyshevskyy(at)dareconsulting(dot)de

Annette Lubasch (Projektmitarbeiterin)
Tel.: (0335) 50088686
E-Mail: lubasch(at)dareconsulting(dot)de  

DAREconsulting GmbH
Buschmühlenweg 3
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

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